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Our Story

Although American Eagle Instruments® opened in 1992, our history began in 1948 with the start of American Dental Manufacturing, a family-founded dental hand instrument company that made its mark by providing high quality, durable instruments to the dental profession. Through hard work, determination, and Montana pride, the company became a well-known and respected manufacturer within the dental industry. The company grew to about 75 employees, many of whom forged careers to become some of the dental industry’s best journeymen instrument makers and sharpeners. American Dental was “the” quality dental instrument company.

In 1989, a competitor purchased American Dental Manufacturing and subsequently closed in 1990. Rather than follow the buy-out company, a small group of tenacious and persevering crafts people joined forces in 1992 to form American Eagle Instruments. With engineering experience, unequaled skill, a goal to produce the highest quality dental instruments, and a “lead-not-follow” philosophy, American Eagle Instruments became reality.

Today, American Eagle Instruments has evolved to become one of the largest manufacturers of dental hand instruments in North America and is part of the Young Innovations family of brands. Based in Missoula, Montana, and employing approximately 70 crafts people, we pride ourselves on providing the world’s finest quality dental hand instruments. Our focus remains on progressive, innovative dental products which allow the practitioner more efficient processes with added ergonomic comfort.